See Miller Camera Support Equipment on Stand No.16 at Content Live, November 15-16 at Randwick Racecourse, Sydney.

Miller is set to captivate audiences at the Content Live Show with an impressive showcase of their products, offering a glimpse into the future of videography and professional camera support. The focal point of our presence will be the CinX 9, a fluid head that redefines precision and control, offering exceptional performance for smooth and effortless camera movements. This fluid head is designed to cater to the needs of professionals who require the utmost accuracy and finesse in their shots.

In addition to the CiNX 9, Miller will also be featuring the Air V, an innovative tripod system designed to meet the demands of new content creators, videographers, and filmmakers. The Air V brings unparalleled stability and versatility to any shooting scenario, making it an indispensable tool for those who seek perfection in their craft.

The Skyline 90, another star of Miller’s presentation, is a heavy-duty tripod system that ensures remarkable stability and support for larger camera setups. It’s the ideal choice for cinematic and broadcast productions that demand uncompromising quality.

Lastly, Miller will showcase the ArrowX 5 head fluid, a versatile and robust solution for camera support. Its remarkable fluid technology offers impeccable pan and tilt movements, making it a reliable choice for videographers across various fields.

Miller’s presentation promises to be a visual and tactile experience, allowing attendees to witness firsthand the exceptional craftsmanship and innovation that goes into their products. These represent a commitment to what’s possible in the world of camera support, and visitors can be inspired by the future of videography.

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