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Layercake blends strategic thinking with deep technical expertise to solve your complex business challenges. We apply the power of digital strategy, cloud-agnostic technologies, data, and digital engineering to enable your vision and drive meaningful outcomes.

We have designed, developed, delivered, and operated world-first, business-critical solutions for our clients in media and entertainment, but our experience spans all sectors. Our ability to deliver at scale, rapidly mobilising teams of subject matter experts from across the globe, is game-changing and ensures we achieve the best outcome for our clients.

Layercake’s innovation has inspired the development of world-class media management and orchestration products that are facilitating a whole new world of streaming and commercial possibilities. Streamcake is Layercake’s proprietary Media Orchestration Platform (MOP). Streamcake makes streaming from your own Cloud/Technology easy and cost-effective. The browser-based user interface does all the heavy lifting; starting and stopping infrastructure, overlaying graphics and bugs, DVR, vision switching, trimming, VOD generation, publishing, integrations, distribution, and more. Mediacake is Layercake’s Media Display and Commercialisation Platform. It provides a portal in the cloud with an easy-to-use interface that delivers an empowered experience for the presentation and commercialisation of media assets, including high-resolution photos.

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